as minhas coisas favoritas, e outras que não o são, pois nem sempre se tem o que se quer
my favourite things, and others that are not, as we don't ever get what we want


z'est zi bon, de dirrrrrrrre des mots doux

c'est si bon, eartha kitt

downtown (again)

downtown, petula clark
(the other link was gone)


e já agora / and by the way


taylor's white swimsuit in "suddenly last summer" joseph l. mankiewicz, 1959


apenas / just

apenas porque era linda como o raio
just because she was beautiful as hell


soldados / soldiers

estranhamente passeando pelo NY Times acabei por "coleccionar" umas quantas fotografias de soldados, logo eu que não sou nada dado à vida militar
strangely strolling through NY Times i "collected" some soldier pictures, me, the unmilitary one

PBY Blister Gunner, Rescue at Rabaul" Horace Bristol, 1944

"Sgt. Joshua Engbrecht 18, of Riverside Calif., left and Pfc. Jack Shortridge, 21, of Long Beach Calif., of the U.S. Army’s 1st Platoon Apache Company, 2nd Battalion 87th Infantry Regiment, part of the 3rd combat brigade 10th Mountain Division based out of Fort Drum, NY, gave each other haircuts under the stars in Wardak Province in Afghanistan" David Goldman AP, 2009

"Kiss of the Discharged, Bryansk, Pussia" Oleg Videnin, 2007

"An outdoor gym at the [Sadam Hussein] Al Faw Palace in Baghdad, headquarters of the U.S. forces in Iraq" Richard Mosse, 2009